WWE: Trading Card Game

Photo: WWE: TCG Cover

Over 700 cards featuring the expanding WWE Universe.

To keep the game fast and fun, the rules are adopted from a popular kids trading card game. To put it simply, each player uses their 60-card deck to eliminate their opponent’s Wrestlers. In order to do that, you must use “Stamina” cards in order to charge up moves before attacking. Stamina cards may only be used by wrestlers of that type. For instance, The Undertaker may only use “Dark” stamina in order to charge his moves. If he collects 4 “Dark” stamina during the game, then he may unleash a powerful attack on his opponent. Other stamina include High Flyer, Showboat, Striker, Brawler, Powerhouse, Technician, and Universal (which may be used for any Stamina type). Each player is also allowed to use other types of cards, such as managers, weapons, chants, assists, merch, and more, in order to win the game.

Those are the basic rules! In addition there are further updates to make it thematic to the WWE that make this a truly unique game:

  • Pinning/Tapping Out: Once your Wrestler loses all of their HP, the player is “pinned” and may roll a die three times. If the player rolls a 6, they “kick out” of the pin and are awarded another turn (but cannot retreat). If the player does not roll a 6 during their attempts, they are pinned (or tap out) and eliminated to the discard pile.
  • Signature Moves: If a Signature Move card is played, the Wrestler may do damage equal to 10 times the amount rolled from a die. For instance, rolling a 5 will do 50 damage.
  • Finishing Moves: If a Finishing Move card is played when the opponent is at 0 HP, the opponent must roll two 6’s instead of one to kick out.
  • Master Deck: After every game, each player may pull two cards at random from the Master Deck in order to build their personal deck. The winner may redraw a card, if they’d like.
  • Championships: Players may play for Championships during each game. Championships may place special modifiers on matches. For instance, the Women’s Championship may only be won by woman wrestlers, and the Cruiserweight title may only be won by high flyers. The winner of the Championship may keep the Championship card in their deck, and may draw three cards instead of two after the title-winning game.
  • Star Rating system: Wrestling fans are very familiar with star ratings. In my game, they are used to determine the strength and rarity of a card. Plus, they’re just more fun to look at!
  • One gimmick at a time: A Wrestler cannot face himself. For instance, Razor Ramon cannot wrestle Scott Hall, since they are the same person. I’m looking at you, Summerslam 1994.

Photo: WWE: TCG 01

Above are a variety of cards from the deck. The ring is used as a dice mat in order to roll for specific moves throughout the game. The dice may look familiar; I also use them in my Fallout: Wasteland Survivor tabletop game!

Photo: WWE: TCG 02

Players may use a wide variety of people, places, and things from the WWE Universe in order to win the game. Shows can be set once per game. Chants are in use until they are replaced. All cards (except Merch) can be used once per turn.

Photo: WWE: TCG 03

Finisher and Signature Move cards are rare, and help in eliminating tough opponents.

Photo: WWE: TCG 04

The WWE Universe is expansive, so I tried to create cards that represented different eras and characters throughout history. Many 5-star cards have unique designs tailored specifically to that Wrestler.

Photo: WWE: TCG 05

Transformation cards are also hidden in the Master Deck. They are used to make Wrestlers even more powerful and give them special properties.


A detail of Asuka’s 5-star Transformation card.

Photo: WWE: TCG 06

Many cards work better together. For instance, combining cards of the same tag team, faction, or stable produce stronger moves. Teams in this game include The New Day, nWo, DX, The Shield, the Usos, and many more.

Photo: WWE: TCG 07

Here are a few personal favorites. The player may also find match-specific wrestlers. These extremely rare cards are based on an iconic match or moment from the wrestler’s career, highlighted by a unique design, special properties, and specific moves from the match.

Photo: WWE: TCG 08

There are about 200 wrestlers, 30 managers (Lana, Ted DiBiase, Paul Heyman, etc.), 20 shows (Wrestlemania 13, nWo Souled Out, ECW Heatwave 98, etc.), 10 match types (Tornado Match, TLC, Retirement Match, etc.), 13 chants, 60 merch cards, and lots more to reveal in the Master Deck.

Photo: WWE: TCG 09

Not only is WWE represented in this game, but also WCW, ECW, and the different eras of WWF. The Money in the Bank card forces the opponent to put their belt on the line, which adds a new layer of surprise to the game.

Photo: WWE: TCG 14

Here are close-ups of the Stamina cards, as well as a few other favorites.

Box Art

In order to house the 700+ cards, I created a Master Deck box for players to pull cards from after the game.

Photo: WWE: TCG 10

Photo: WWE: TCG 11

Photo: WWE: TCG 12

And that’s just the surface of the game. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: This is in no way for sale or for any commercial purposes. This game is one-of-a-kind and used to play with my WWE friends at home.