Three the Hard Way: Mega Ran – Live ’95 Remixes

Earlier this summer, indie rapper Mega Ran dropped the basketball-themed album “Live ’95”.

As a basketball fan, it quickly became my favorite album of the year. He recently dropped the acapellas for a few songs, so I remixed three of them below, with the goal of changing the tone and style of each one. Each remix at its base is also inspired by a videogame.

Comeback Player of the Year

I approached this one with a boom bap style inspired by the NBA Street series. I kept the sound bright to match the tone of the lyrics:
Download Comeback Player of the Year (KM Punk Remix) [MP3]

Box and One

This one features Del the Funky Homosapien, one of my favorite rappers of all-time. I was excited to put together a larger sound, inspired by futuristic themes from Deltron 3030 and Final Fantasy VI:
Download Box and One (KM Punk Remix) [MP3]

In The Game

I took a Lo-fi approach on this track, not only because it’s one of my favorite genres, but because the subject matter of the song fit the meditative, reflective tone of the lyrics. The guitar is reminiscent of the Silent Hill series, which uses simple guitar strings and lots of space and minimalism between sounds:
Download In the Game (KM Punk Remix) [MP3]

Make sure to check out Mega Ran on Spotify here.