WWE Money In The Bank

I have a secret…

…I like pro wrestling.

OK, it’s not much of a secret. The WWE is so ingrained in pop culture that nearly everyone can name at least one past or present superstar.

Like everyone else, I grew up watching it as a kid in the late 90’s. The characters were outrageous, and the stories even moreso. As an adult, though, I watch WWE for an entirely different reason. The production values are some of the absolute best work I’ve seen on a consistent basis. Their promo packages and television bumpers are consistently better than the NBA and NFL.

So, as a personal project, I’ve started creating matchup screens based on the WWE Universe, starting with Money in the Bank. I chose this project to further understand how WWE produces its graphics, deconstructing some of my favorites and creating new, original work based on the WWE Brand.

Here is part one…