Metcon 2

Image: Nike Metcon 08

I really like shoes.

Whether it’s Adidas or Nike, my closet is full of retro and futuristic kicks. So designing a short clip based on one of my favorite shoes was a no-brainer. The concept of this video was to use the object’s elements in conceptual ways in order to tell a story. This story follows the shoe from the very beginning through to the performance level, conceptualized by abstract effects and light-to-dark color development.

Image: Nike Metcon 07
Image: Nike Metcon 04

Image: Nike Metcon 05

While working on the project, I set a few personal challenges to further push myself.

The first was to concept, produce, and finish the entire project within 24 hours. The second was to decrease render time as much as possible by finding efficiencies in lighting and rendering while still maintaining the quality of the 3D objects. I did this to simulate the real world of working within tight deadlines that we designers experience on a daily basis. The entire project was finished on time with a render time of <6 minutes at 1080p resolution.

Image: Nike Metcon 03
Image: Nike Metcon 01


Image: Nike Metcon 02
Image: Nike Metcon 06