Mega Ran x Zaid Tabani – I Got Next Song + Music Video

When I heard that Mega Ran made a track for Capcom’s Street Fighter 6, I knew I had to remix it.

Listen on Spotify

Don’t have Spotify? Listen to the remix + music video I produced below on Mega Ran’s official YouTube page:

The original Street Fighter II was one of my arcade addictions as a 90s kid. Listening to Zaid Tabani and Mega Ran’s verses inspired me to create a song and music video combining the sweeping and energetic fighting spirit of the videogame series with the classic boom bap style of hip-hop.

The video is packed full of videogame easter eggs relating to Capcom and the fighting game community. Can you spot the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 reference? How about the Mega Man callback? Or EVO moment 37? Ryu’s Street Fighter II stage? Those are just a few to keep an eye out for.