Fallout: Wasteland Survivor Tabletop Game

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor Cover

I have never made a tabletop game, which is the perfect reason to make a tabletop game.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 01

I created a tabletop game based on the Fallout Universe. The rules are loosely based on the tabletop game Zombicide (ie each Survivor is given 3 actions per turn: Move, Attack, or Search), but with several changes and additions (such as perks, weapon crafting, bobbleheads, enemies, etc) to make it more Fallout-themed.

These are some of the starter weapons and characters that the Survivor can choose. There are 9 unique starter weapons total, and 9 unique Survivors with special abilities to choose from including a Vault Dweller, Mysterious Stranger, and The Undertaker (I’m a big WWF/WWE fan). The starter weapons are also based on what type of Survivor you would like to play as (ie you can play as an explosives expert, a melee attacker, a ranged shooter, attention grabber, computer hacker, etc). I also created a player vs. player option (using the existing cards) where one player controls the monsters and tries to defeat the survivors.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 02

Here are some of the cards from the game. The green cards are drawn if you choose to Search during your turn. The Objective cards are cards you must find to complete missions (basically go into the room and pick it up). The black cards are Rare weapons that you build by crafting items you find during your Search. For instance, if you find a Mini-Nuke + a Sensor Module, you can build a Fat Mine. You need these to Kill any Super Mutants or Deathclaws who may cross your path. Or just to blow everything up.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 03

These are a few of the Perks to choose from as you play the game. There are about 80 perks total that do all kinds of crazy stuff. Each player chooses a blue Perk to start the game. You gain experience by defeating enemies or fulfilling objectives. As you level up, you can choose a yellow (need 7 points), then orange (19), then red perk (43 exp).

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 04

Close-up of a perk. There are 80 total that can do a variety of things based on the type of character you want to play as. My friends and I sometimes use a house rule here: we pick a perk at random and just roll with it. Adds a little more challenge.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 05

The top row are Spawn Cards that are drawn at the end of each turn. These determine which enemies enter the game based on the Spawn zones on the map.

Creatures (Ghouls) and Humans (Raiders) both have 1 HP apiece. Creatures have 1 Action per turn (either move toward the Survivor or attack if they’re already in the same room as the Survivor), but Humans have 2 actions. Robots have 2 HP and 1 Action. Deathclaws and Super Mutants have 3 HP and 1 Action per turn.

The rest of the rows are examples of item cards in the game that the Survivor can find while searching.
Zombicide fans can figure out what all of the icons and numbers mean, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • The Radiation symbol is the range of the weapon.
  • The Dice symbol is the amount of dice you get to roll for the attack.
  • The Vault symbol is the minimum number you have to roll for a successful attack.
  • The Knife symbol indicates how much damage the attack does.

I also added a weight (WG) system to each weapon, food, and armor. If your combined weight surpasses 15 WG, you become over encumbered and cannot leave your room until you discard items. It also balances the game to players don’t get too overpowered too quickly and ditch their teammates.

Weapons and armor also have an “Enclave Weapon Classification” which assigns more stars to more rare weapons (see the Alien Blaster card). This doesn’t actually do anything; it’s just fun to find an item that has a lot of stars!

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 06

An example of a map/mission. I made about 20 of these (Vaults, Factories, buildings, a Raider outpost, a general Wasteland, and a Megaton hub for longplay games.) that can be rotated to create all new missions. Each player starts at the same spot and must reach the exit. As you play, enemies enter the board via the spawn zones (the black/yellow little cards on the edges of the board) and try to stop you. Each player can take 3 hits (without armor).

There are a few locked doors on this map, where the Survivor must roll a 4+ to pick the lock and open the door. This board also has a sewer that serves as a shortcut from one side of the map to the other (also takes a 3 to pop the cover). All interiors are searchable, though there’s a perk that lets you search anywhere. The first mission of the game is to escape the vault. The second mission (seen here) is to go to the local Super Duper Mart to find supplies, though there is an optional Holodisk to gain EXP and learn more about the story.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 07

Close up of the dashboard. I 3D modeled and printed a unique dashboard (aka Pipboy) to hold all of the cards. Still gotta file a few things down and paint it when I get a chance.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 08

Close up of the map and miniatures. Zombicide fans will recognize the mini on the left; it’s a runner! I have unique Fallout miniatures, just haven’t glued them together yet.

I bought the dice off eBay and they are so awesome! They fit the theme really well, with the Nuke symbol representing a 6.

Photo: Fallout: Wasteland Survivor 09

One more closeup of the board. In the background, you can see the Wasteland Survival Guide. The back of this card is basically a recipe book to find out which items you can combine to craft a Rare Weapon.

Thanks for checking this out!

NOTE: This is in no way for sale or for any commercial purposes. This game is one-of-a-kind and used to play with friends at home.