Bash at the Beach

Thanks for checking out this short project series based on deconstructing the WWE brand.

What is Bash at the Beach?

Bash at the Beach was a classic pay-per-view show produced by WCW (WWE’s rival at the time). The show is most known for the unveiling of the New World Order (nWo), an abbreviation that anyone who lived through the late nineties will recognize.

This spring, rumors began that the show might be making a comeback under the WWE brand (WWE bought WCW about 15 years ago). Being such a unique show, I couldn’t help but create my very own concept for the event.

My concept consists of a blend of WWE’s current branding and visual style with the classic iconography of the original Bash. Examples include the original Bash at the Beach logo that was recreated to update the branding, illuminated palm trees, strongman tidal waves, and Venice Beach-themed symbolism that calls back to the original event while not looking outdated.

I edited together commentary in order to recreate the presentation as accurately as possible, and produced original music that calls back to the production style of NXT (a developmental wrestling promotion) where both superstars originated from.